3 Days Special Mastery Bootcamp

10th Year Anniversary Special

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*1 important thing I missed out in the video, by learning the mastery level and with my one on one personalisation for you, you will be required to open an account with my recommended broker under my referral link and you can only trade the system / strategies under my tag in that brokerage. You cannot trade my method in other or your existing brokerage. Full disclosure: I’ll be getting a little rebate from the broker off the trades you will be taking, it doesn’t affect you in any way, nor will there be any markup on your end. The brokerage gives me the rebate because i referred you to them. That’s all. There’s no negotiation on this condition. I believe it’s fair that i get a little “royalty” when you trade the mastery level that you’ll be learning.

If you agree to the conditions, the only way to secure your spot is through the payment link below. I will close this offer once all spots are taken up. I can only accept a very small number of people for this, as mentioned, it’s at my home, it’s a special group and I want to keep it small. It will go off FAST I assure you. If you like what you have learnt in the live seminar/home study program that you have attended, then you will want to learn this. This is THAT POWERFUL, this is mastery.

After payment is made, I’ll be in touch with you and will be sending you the non disclosure agreement and full details.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you have made forex trading this far, then this is the final step to take to grow your account at Maximum Levels!

For my upcoming prodigies, let’s move this world together! I’m super stoked to just imagine the change in lives that these upcoming prodigies will have. This mastery level I’m teaching, Anyone can do it! I am looking forward to meeting you all on the 7, 8 & 9 April YOU WILL NEVER TRADE THE SAME WAY EVER AGAIN! The only way to be in is to Secure your spot by signing up NOW. It will come on a First come First serve basis. This video and offer will be pulled down once the spots are filled. I assure you, people who are trading will jump at this opportunity. This invitation is sent to all my live participants in Singapore and Malaysia and home study program members. I already know of names who will jump in at this offer if they know i’m releasing it. If you are serious in trading and changing your life. Sign up now before the spots are taken up and we will talk very soon.

Registration Closes tomorrow 18th March (Sunday) 11.59pm SHARP. This is the rare opportunity to be part of the Mastery trading inner circle at my home. Opportunities like this don’t come often, in fact, it is the first time in 10 years I’m doing it. Try getting someone who has lost millions and made millions to invite you to their home and teach you the real way to trade. I’m sure there is such opportunities, but it’s rare. Make a choice now, it’s now or never.

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