Financial Freedom Master Plan

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To cut things short, this March, I’ll be opening up spots for students to gain access to me. Prior to that, I’ll be teaching you my whole set of trading system via my carefully crafted home study program. It’s the recording of my 2 days live seminar (so you will feel like you are learning in a seminar setting) which I’ve then further edited it for the ease of learning at home.

This is a masterpiece. You can simply pause and repeat certain concepts which you are unsure off. That’s the best way of learning.

And this March, I’ll be opening just a couple of spots to take on individual coaching. This coaching is via email, where I’ll personally answer any questions you may have about the program, about your trading and more. Following that, I’ll also personally review your set of trades which you will take and give you advise on where you did wrong and where you did good! Having a mentor to tweak your trading style and point your mistakes is by far the best way traders improve.

This final spots will go fast. I don’t have the time to take in loads of students. I choose to remove this personal coaching offer as and when I please. So if you still see the word here that it’s offered. It means it’s still valid. I will opt to close in probably the next hour (I’m sorry, I don’t teach for a living, I close the coaching spots when I feel that I’m too tied up). So the price for this November that includes my personal coaching which is usually priced at $10k. That’s what I charge minimally for personal coaching. It will be a one off fee of $997usd NETT. Don’t bother negotiating with me, I have no time for that. If you see the value of this offer while it last, grab it. If not, find someone else who is at my level that’s willing to personally coach you at this low price. Again, I don’t teach for a living, so it’s up to my discretion to select the applicants I want to work with.

This button to sign up is below. If you don’t see the button, it means no coaching spot is available now. Do check back again.

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