This could be the biggest crash we have ever seen -
and also the biggest Investment opportunity of our lifetime

At every crash, new millionaires and billionaires are being made. This crash however is like any of the other crashes we have seen, as the IMF said, this could be worst than the previous Great Depression.

And if it really turns out to be that bad, this could be music to the ears for the right investor. 

Guess what? The biggest opportunity of our era is here. 

The time is now. Do you want to be in?

My name is Ezekiel Chew, you can learn more about me through the video above and why I think the video above is one of the most important video to watch during this period.

Miss this crisis, you will set yourself back for 10 years.

Here’s the deal:

I’m creating a special Private Investors group for those who recognises this unique opportunity we have now and wants to capitalise on it! 

The crash has already started. Watch the video above to find out – which stage we could possibly be in right now and how we can position ourself to make this crisis an opportunity. This Private Investors group covers the exact details on how to capitalise on crisis, the overall strategy, vehicles and plans along the way.


What exactly is it? 

This is the roadmap, the guide, the plan for people – layman like us to invest during this period and hopefully when done right, could potentially change our life for the better.

What are we investing in?

I will cover a range of investable vehicles – that include stocks, indexes, funds, etfs, property and many many other stuffs. Why the wide spread of vehicles you may ask. It’s because different people have different investment appetite, different interest. That’s why I’m talking about the various vehicles, pros and cons and what will work in the different scenarios that the market may evolve into.


How is this training layed out?

It will first be conducted via a live webinar. This webinar is to give you the roadmap on how the cycle of this crash will probably looks like and the vehicles we will invest based on the different cycle.


As no one can be exactly sure what will the market turn out even 2 weeks from now. That’s this Private Investors group will be an ongoing group, where I will share my personal analysis of the market, my thoughts, my insights using my close to 2 decades of trading experience EVERY SINGLE WEEK and update you as the market evolves. You don’t get much better than this.

Because what happens to most people is that, they think of a plan and they enter. but as the market evolves, things change. So we time our entry and our exit based on the movements and cycle of the market. When to hold, and when to get out. That honestly is the toughest part and is what that separates the professionals from the amateurs.


So here’s how this Private Investors Group training will be conducted:


live webinar

Date: 28th April 2020 (tuesday)

time: 8pm – 11pm (we may end later)


What is covered

3 full hours of power packed information (no fluff) that fills you with the necessary information, plan, strategy and vehicles to get into.

As I’m covering a range of vehicles to get in, this is suitable for people of all stages.

In order to make this group a real success.

The live webinar is just a small part of our journey together.

We will cover the detailed plan and vehicles in the webinar.

and after which – 

You will be added to my private group where I will share the updates and insights of the vehicles that we have covered, the outlook of the current week, the new opportunities, what are my thoughts and opinions of the market, the entries and exits etc.  Every Single Week.

Which means what…

This is a live and ongoing private investors group. It’s not just a “give you the plan” and that’s it program. 

I want all of us in this private group to prosper together. 

We will also have a private whatsapp group chat where we can discuss things live on the go.

This is the group you want to be in. The money maker group where we can support one another. I will also be in the group and provide updates and actions I’m taking as the market moves. Going into this jungle alone can be quite a scary thing, but going in as a group and together with me. We have a higher chance of making the better decision along the way.


What am i getting?

You will get actionable steps and plans on what to do in the live webinar (a recording will also be given to you for your recap)

You will be given access to my insights, updated plans based on the potential changes in the market and analysis EVERY SINGLE WEEK FOR 1 FULL YEAR.

You will be part of our Private Investors Whatsapp group where we will have our ongoing live conversation as the market develops.

Cost: $900 sgd nett. (No monthly recurring fee)

Look we know there’s no guarantees in investment.

But if you have an experienced investor guiding you during this rare opportunity. Isn’t it better than to chart this investment journey on your own?

At the very least, we could discuss your investment ideas and to see if it’s sound and if that’s the right time to get in and out.

Look, I’m not promising anything…

I’m not saying if you follow me you will be rich or a millionaire.

What I’m offering is a professional view and a mentor together with this private group of investors to ride this wave of opportunity together.

Things may turn out the way we want, but heck. We may end up making nothing at all as all investment has it’s risk.

But having said that, that’s why we will analyse the various vehicles and timing to reduce the risk and to increase our reward and winning probability.

So if you are ready, let’s get onboard on this incredible journey together and make this crisis our best opportunity!

Why the Rush? 

The reason is simple, we simply have NO TIME TO WAIT. I’m looking at the technical charts now, I tell you. You need to be here right now. I have also briefly explained the curve cycle in the video above. My friends, if you want to get in on this opportunity. It is NOW.

The truth is, people who are seemingly “lucky” – Wow, you bought silver at the right time ~ or wow, you got into the property market at the right time. Luck my friend is when opportunity meets preparation. The ones who prepare and take action when the opportunity arrives are probably called “lucky” afterwhich.

My friends, our time to be “lucky” is here…

Come join me and let’s chart through this ‘crisis’ together!


Your friend and mentor during this crisis,

ezekiel chew

Ezekiel Chew

P.S. Ready to make the most out off probably the biggest crash of our lifetime?