As you can see, these good folks are delighted with what I showed them and the advice I gave, so I’m going to do the whole thing again.

Where and whenI’m holding a one day forex, stock index and gold summit, here in the beautiful tropical garden city of Singapore on April 23, 2017 between the hours of 9:30 am and 5:00 pm.

Who is this Investing Summit for?

Pretty much anyone – whether a seasoned forex trader, stock market investor or gold trader looking to take their investing to a whole new level.

And, if you have yet to start investing, then this master class will immediately set you on the right road and avoid much wasted time and money trying to figure it out for yourself.

And, unlike many of those two hour ‘preview’ seminars, this will not be a disguised sales pitch. Instead it will be a whole day of solid, actionable content.

What will you learn?

The red hot core of this investing summit will be my insights into the possibility of an upcoming financial crash and how you can not only protect your investments, but actually thrive in these uncertain times by knowing where the money is and how to trade it.

These precious insights alone will be worth the price of admission, but there’s more – lots more…

First off, I’ll also be teaching you how to read charts like a professional trader. Price action is king in chart reading, and I’ll be teaching you all about price action. When you master price action, you can literally read any chart thrown to you.

And have a full understanding of why the market is up, down or sideways and where is it likely heading. With that knowledge, you will have greater insight and confidence to have a higher accuracy in trading.

Apart from that, knowing all about the business section behind investing or trading is the cornerstone of my very successful investment career, I’ll devote a good part of the day to that.

This is something most traders or investors don’t do, they just focus on entering and exiting trades. Although that is important, if you forget or neglect the importance behind the business of trading. This business can’t be sustainable in the long run. This is in fact, the most important aspect behind any kind of investing or trading.

I’ll also lift the hood and show you what a successful professional trader, like me, does on the backend. Ever want to know what does a professional trader do behind the glory you see?

I’ll reveal what I do on a monthly, weekly and daily basis, including my step by step planning and analysis. If this is something you want to know, or to see the life of a professional lifestyle trader/investor. This is it.

I’ll also introduce you to my recommended broker whose arm I’ve twisted to get a really cracking deal for you. You don’t get these deals else where, it’s only in this summit where I’ve managed to convince them to give it to you.

And to make the day a really fun event, I’ve arranged for a prize draw and a handsome guy. me. ;)

It all adds up to a very special and life-changing day for you.