Trade Rescue 

If you have an existing open trade/s that requires rescuing and/or advise – This is one of the highly sought after service that Ezekiel specialises in.

With his personal wealth of trading experience, teachings and mentoring. And also having rescued various trading accounts from blowing up. Ezekiel understands the intrinsic movement of the market. When to sell and when to buy, the lot size to take, when and how to hedge correctly and the different actions and options to use to rescue your account. Every trade scenario is different just as every pair moves differently. Trade rescue missions requires in-depth expertise and precision to pull off these challenging missions.

Charges: There is a one time retainer fee to engage Ezekiel in this specialised service. Trade rescue requires constant monitoring of the market (even into the middle of the night if the market moves into our desired location at that period). Additionally, this requires a set of in-depth and thorough planning on the various scenarios that the market will move and reaction to such movements. Trade rescue mission can take days, weeks and even months. It all depends on the market movements and the scenario you are in.

Upon a successfully rescued mission, there will be a percentage charged on rescued account.


Private Coaching (One on One) 

Ezekiel will personally review the way you trade regardless of which strategy/ies you prefer. Work out a personalised trading system based on your strategy, trading style and your personality. Every one is different, therefore every trader trades differently. We enter and exit differently. Therefore, this private coaching works on personalising trading to work for you and your lifestyle.

Additionally, there’s nothing more important than plugging a leak. Even a small leak when patched will result in a tremendous return over time. Every trader can benefit from having an expert to review their trading. Ezekiel will personally work with you, find the leak or leaks, discuss with you the best method for them to fix it and work with you to ensure that it wouldn’t reoccur again.

Charges for a private coaching with Ezekiel Chew:

1 hr at $300 sgd

4 hr package at $1k sgd. (can be split into 4 separate sessions)




Do note that the trade rescue mission and private coaching sessions are subjected to the availability in Ezekiel’s schedule. We will first understand your requirement and proceed from there.

For enquires on the above services – Drop us an email to  – – Title: (Trade rescue / Private coaching) (Your name)